Friday, September 13, 2013

Little Bird
42" x 68.5"
Little Bird
It all started from shopping one afternoon after we had lunch together.  We got inspired by some upholstery fabrics, which I don't think I had ever considered putting into a quilt before.  However, the fabrics were so lush and beautiful and textural, and sophisticated and modern.  We simply could not resist.  And so, we started building a new stash based on one pattern.  After one day, we probably accumulated over 30 different fabrics from a number of different stores.  Here is a photo after we made the quilt and took it back to the source of our inspiration.
At Bolt Fabrics, South Lamar, Austin, TX
The next week, we got together, sliced it all up, and put it on the design all.  The creative juices were humming, sparks flying, a special synergy created by the four of us, in the same room, all collaborating to decide where the pieces would go.  Sherri was the wizard of the rotary cutter.  Barb and Connie were the masters of design.  The trick was not to over think it.  We did make a few decisions along the way.  The most exciting part was how each member contributed to the eventual design of the overall quilt.  We have never worked improvisationally like this before.  It was SEW fun! And it was quick and satisfying.

Pieces were trimmed on the wall, in situ, and quickly pieced together.  If it didn't fit, we trimmed it, or added another piece to make it longer.  Somehow it all worked together.   Then I took the leftovers and made a back for the quilt which was also quite fun!  The next week we took turns machine quilting it, adding binding, hanging tube and the label.  It was a completely collaborative process, start to finish, yet one of the most cohesive quilts we have made.
Here are a few detail shots for you!

Look for it in Houston this year.  It was selected as a finalist in the World of Beauty at the International Quilt Festival.  Also, look for another piece that we created in the same way for the auction for IQA.  You can bid on the mini-quilt called Little Bird Too (16.5" x 22").


Stacy Hurt said...

Fabulous! And it has such a lovely modern feel! Congrats on being a finalist!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I remember shopping with at least 2 members of your group several years ago in Austin at the Tea Shop.
The owner had used upsholstery fabric for back drops and Sherrie asked if we could have a sample of one. I used my sample for a needle felted piece that turned out great. Sold it at my last show!

Rachel Parris said...

What fun! Y'all are just amazing. Look forward to seeing this in person.

Barb Forrister said...

Kathy, we DID have a great time collaborating and putting this piece together. Always a pleasure hanging out and sewing with you! Thanks for bringing us together.

kathy york said...

Kay, good memories! Wish I had been there! Congrats on the sale of your piece! Now I am curious what Sherri did with her sample....I will have to ask.

Hilary Florence said...

I'm not surprised you were tempted by the fabrics, they are gorgeous. The colour palate works so well, yellow and grey with just a hint of blue. I won't be able to see in Huston since I'm in the UK, so thanks for showing it here. Who gets to keep it, or do you take it in turn?
Hilary Florence

kathy york said...

I didn't get to see it in Houston this last year either. Darn it! It has since been returned to us, and we will hopefully find a few more quilt shows in which to enter it. Possession of the final quilt has never really been an issue for us. Sometimes our group quilts will speak louder to one member than another, and we are pretty accepting at letting it go to that member. We have also been known to rotate the quilts from time to time. It really depends on who your group members are and what you are comfortable with.