Saturday, January 28, 2012

On a Roll

We are rolling right along with our rock balancing art-quilt.  Here are some photos from our last meeting where we gathered to connect the individual segments that each of us had quilted over the holidays.  Connie, Barb and I aren't in these but that's because Barb is out of the country, Connie somehow escaped my camera, and I am tucked away like any self respecting introvert....BEHIND my camera.  Enjoy!
Beginning at the bottom and moving upward we laid out the individual pieces to be trimmed for joining.

It takes at least five people to do this....three to hold the table down, one to wield the rotary cutter and one to photograph the moment. From left to right: Frances, Sherri, Leslie, Kathy

More trimming and fitting together as we go.

Two detail shots of a cross section of the joined pieces. From top to bottom the pieces were quilted by: Kathy's, Sherri's, Leslie's, Connie's, Barb's, Susan's Frances'.

While we are not through making our rocks, we couldn't resist getting a peek at how they are going to look against the new background that we have almost completed.  This will be divided into seven panels that hang together as one piece.
Well now it's time to get busy creating a ton of rocks!  Our quilt measures approximately 86"w X 50"l.  Till next time,

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Barb Forrister said...

Susan, thanks for posting these! Gives me a chance to see how yhings are coming along. I love the background and the rocks look like so much fun!!!! Can't wait to see you guys!