Friday, December 16, 2011

Rocking On!

Fortunately Kathy had the foresight to purchase a 4'x9' piece of paper for patterning!
Hey! Susan here with an update on our stacked rock art-quilt project. First things first, we enjoy a wonderful holiday breakfast at Kathy's (yum!)  Frances is with us in spirit and Leslie has driven in from San Antonio, so she, Kathy, Connie, Barb, Sherri and I get down to business. Having exchanged a few e-mails since meeting last month we do a bit more brainstorming and decide how we want to design and quilt the background, which we will later divide into seven panels.  Kathy suggests the same formula as our Cosmic Curves quilt and we all agree.  (This is quite a complicated formula that involves holding pencils and drawing curved lines across a length of  paper.) After a bit more deliberating (or is it channeling.... check out Connie and Leslie in the picture below on the far

left. Am I wrong or does it look like they're tuning into something as Kathy looks on!)  Well, the next photo proves they've figured it out and so we each take a turn drawing our lines.  After we erase and reshape a few of them Kathy gets out the sharpie and marks our pattern.  We then pull out the fabrics we brought from our stashes and assign them to
pattern pieces.  We each choose the pieces we want to quilt based on our fabrics, cut the pattern apart and divide it up.  Frances' pattern and fabric will go off in the mail to Vermont, and until we gather again we will each quilt our pieces. 

At the next meeting we will connect the quilted horizontal pieces, (using a top secret technique) then we will slice the quilt into seven equal vertical sections and divide them among us.  In this way we will each be working on a background that has been quilted by each participant in the project. 

Well this about sums up our progress so far.  We each plan on making lots of rocks in the weeks to come, and if I heard correctly at the meeting today Leslie just might be coordinating another cairn project for us to get involved with.  But we'll leave talk of that for another day.   Til I've got more to share, Happy holidays!

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Leslie Tucker Jenison said...

We got a lot of work done in a short time. Woo Hoo!