Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rock On

At our last meeting I proposed a new group quilt idea inspired by the art of rock balancing. Happily everyone joined in with excitement.  I've decided to track the project here as we go along so we can share our process. The finished art-quilt will be put together in the style of a triptych, only with seven panels instead of three.  Each member will design a single panel of balanced 'rocks' that reflects their creative aesthetic or personality.  The plan is to create a common background and then slice it into seven equal strips, sending a panel home with each artist for contemplation.  I'm looking forward to engaging the group process again and seeing the rocks take shape as we gather at our regular meetings.


kathy york said...

Rock on! Love the photo Susan! Looking forward to this project!

Nancy said...

Interesting projects. Also saw a link on Kathy York's blog. Tried to leave her a link to a blog post I wrote on carins.. but I don't think the link was a correct one. Here are some photos of cairns on the Marginal Way in Maine:
Good luck with your project.

Leslie Tucker Jenison said...

Can't wait!